Atticus of Rome
Atticus Of Rome 30 B.C. (The Life And Times)
Atticus of Rome
Barry Denenberg
In this departure from our first person diaries, we leap into ancient times in a third person novel filled with action, adventure, and glory -- all the drama of life in ancient Rome.Acclaimed author Barry Denenberg brings to life the intrigue of Roman politics and the bloody violence of the gladiator games in this story about ancient Rome.Atticus, a young boy who has been torn from his family and home and sold as a slave to a Roman aristocrat, quickly learns that not all is as it seems in the republic of Rome. Politicians and greedy merchants plot against each other, and Atticus must do his best to protect his kindly master...and, in turn, the Emperor of Rome. Murder and lies fill his new life as a spy for Lucius Opimius.

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Atticus, a twelve year old boy, and his father were taken away from their village by the Romans and sold as slaves. Atticus was purchased by Master Lucius Opimius, an influential political figure and close friend of the Emperor. As the favored slave, Atticus begins to spy on high ranking figures for Master Opimius. By spying Atticus and his master learn that the Emperor is in great danger. They warn the Emperor and prevent him from being killed in an assassination attempt. To reward Lucius Opimius and Atticus the Emperor invites them to be his guests at the Gladiator games.

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Atticus, a young boy, gets taken away by the Romans to be sold as a slave just like his dad. He is bought by a powerful Roman politician, Master Lucius Opimius, who is a spy for the Emperor. Atticus is favored highly and much more than all the other slaves. He follows his master Opimius wherever Opimius goes. One day Master Opimius tells Atticus to spy on a wealthy man and tell him what Atticus hears. Atticus succesfully completes his mission and when the wealthy man comes to a party Master Opimius and Atticus overhear the man plotting to assasinate the Emperor.

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