A is for Amnesia, B is for Bullet
A is for Amnesia, B is for Bullet (Alex Cheradon #1.2) (Alex Cheradon Book Series 2)
A is for Amnesia, B is for Bullet
In this action packed follow up to Fruitbasket from Hell, private investigator Alex Cheradon is faced with a nail biting case.Reeling from the public relations nightmare that accompanied accidentally tackling a senator's daughter, Alex is approached by a man with a lethal case of amnesia. He wants to hire Alex to find out who he is, and since he just happens to have a winning lotto ticket that's worth 10 million dollars, money's no object. But as Alex starts to look into the man's past he finds more questions than answers and a whole lot of people out to kill him. The clock is officially ticking. The crazies are coming out of the woodwork. And it's down to Alex to save the day...This is Book 2 in the Alex Cheradon Series.--------Other books in the Alex Cheradon Series:VOLUME 1-Fruitbasket from Hell (Alex Cheradon #1.1) A is for Amnesia, B is for Bullet (Alex Cheradon #1.2) Little People, Big Crimes (Alex Cheradon #1.3) VOLUME 2 -One Time Only (Alex Cheradon #2.1) Welcome to Crazytown (Alex Cheradon #2.2) Odd Man Out (Alex Cheradon #2.3) Full Moon, Half Wits (Alex Cheradon #2.4) One Tomb Short of a Graveyard (Alex Cheradon #2.5)VOLUME 3 Lucky Dogs (Alex Cheradon #3.1) Everything's Coming Up Aces (Alex Cheradon #3.2)The House Always Wins (Alex Cheradon #3.3)

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  • Adventure
  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Alex Cheradon has a case that is very nail biting. A guy with lethal amnesia would like to hire Alex and find out who he is.  Alex looks into the man's past and finds a lot more questions than answers. A lot of people are out to kill Alex. He finds out that man he's helping has a winning lottery ticket that is worth 10 million dollars. The crazy people are now starting to come out from every direction. The book mostly takes place in Mr. Cheradon's office. Will Alex be able to save those who need his help?

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