Alice Parker's Metamorphosis - Book 1
Alice Parker's Metamorphosis (Alice Parker's Adventures Book 1)
Alice Parker's Metamorphosis - Book 1
Nicola Palmer
Thirteen-year-old Alice Parker knows something isn't right; mysterious aches and pains, a craving for sugar that’s out of control. Suddenly she is top of the class in every subject. Baffled by what is happening to her and feeling at odds with the world, Alice can't take much more. Only when she collapses and experiences a life-changing transformation does she discover why she is different. But this new, incredible identity brings its own challenges and Alice isn't convinced she can rise to them. She just wants to be normal! The fact is she's anything but...Top Choice Award - Flamingnet Young Adult Book ReviewsWinner of the children's category at the eFestival of Words - Best of the Independent eBook Awards 2012.'Alice Parker's Adventures' are children's chapter books for ages 9-13. Action and adventure children's books for Kindle for ages 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Don't forget Kindle Store literature purchases can also be read on your PC, Mac, iPad, Smartphone etc

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 8 - 12
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            Alice Parker is a typical high-school student, struggling with grades and mean girls.  Then she starts changing and a brand new world is opened to her.  She needs to learn about who she really is while also learning how to fit into society.

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Alice Parker is a young teenage girl. She is lonely and has only one friend, Sarah, and has been having trouble with school. One day her grades improve and she receives a sharp pain in her back.

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The book Alice Parker's Metamorphosis by Nicola Palmer is about a girl who finds out that there is a group of winged people living in her town.  She discovers that her grandpa and brother have wings and that they work in the cities of winged people, or Finwips.  She learns that she herself has wings but has never known about them.  When she first goes to the Finwip village in her town, she is sent on a journey to find one of the members of the Finwip village named Theo.  She learns that Theo was being held captive by one of her classmate's father, a

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Alice Parker is a lonely girl who one day starts craving fruit, and she has a red and itchy back. Later, she is walking with her friend and faints.

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Alice Parker is suddenly a genius, acing tests without studying for them. Coincidentally(or not) that is about the time that her back starts aching and giving her pain. One day, a couple weeks later, she faints on her sidewalk right in front of her house. Luckily, her best friend Sarah is there to help her.

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