The After Life Meddlers Club
The After Life Meddlers Club
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Imagine your dearly departed relatives – now in the afterlife. The after place is pleasant, to be sure, with mountain-fresh air, spanking clean streets, and no crime, no war, no Fox or CNN. But with only endless pleasantness – people inevitably get bored. So what do they do? They form clubs. 

Written by Thomas Smith, with a nudge from afterlife commentator Mark Twain, The Afterlife Meddlers Club details the well-intentioned deeds of one such club. What we on earth call “karma” is, in fact, the result of ALMC members who meet to negotiate, make matches, and then affectionately meddle until the outcome is inevitable. 

Following the efforts of two meddlers who try to bring their divorced grandchildren Katie and Tim together, while battling that pesky “free will” thing, The After Life Meddlers Club is filled with humor, offhand sarcasm that’s true to life, and insights about love, loss, longing, and loneliness. You may laugh out loud and you may shed a tear, but you’ll clearly be entertained as these meddlers ply their club’s trade in the service of their grown grandchildren, who are eagerly and sometimes hilariously seeking their true soulmates.

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Love. Love? Love! Tim has many theories. Katie has heard many opinions. Both are single and searching for their happily ever after. Tim lives in Phoenix and Katie in San Francisco. Little do they know their paths are about to cross. Enter Tim’s grandfather, Timothy, and Katie’s grandmother, Katherine. With plenty of time to spare in the afterlife, Timothy and Katherine have a mischievous plan up their sleeves to meddle in their grandchildren's lives. It becomes their ultimate mission to bring them together.

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The After Life Meddlers Club by Thomas Smith with commentator Mark Twain tells the story of two single strangers as they dive into the world of relationships and romance under the prying eyes of their grandparents in the afterlife. Timothy and Katherine are meddler partners in an afterlife club. The main goal of the club was to match single souls in the beforelife together. After brief introductions about their grandchildren, the two decided to set them up in a relationship.

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