Ada Legend of a Healer
Ada Legend of a Healer
Ada Legend of a Healer
R.A. McDonald
No sickness, No injuries, No pain, No limits. If you had the power to heal, what would you do? For fifteen-year-old Ada discovering that she can heal feels more like a curse than a gift. When she learns of the mystery surrounding her mother's disappearance, and sees the indifference of so-called friends, she sets out for Paris to find her. The power to heal protects her, but also has her hunted by a man who sees her as nothing more than his fountain of youth. Ada realizes her true power is her will to survive, and that her only chance at freedom is to become the best at escaping. From Midwest Book Review The author brings Ada to life in the minds eye in so many ways. Her emotions are laid bare before the reader and you can feel the aching of her heart, the loneliness, the desperate cry for love and understanding. From This is a charming story; the art in the book is beautiful and unique only adding to the reading experience.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Ada's life has never been easy. Shifted from one terrible foster home after another, she hasnt ever caught a break. She knows she is differentshe has abilities that make her capable of identifying health problems in others and herself and heal them. At fifteen, shes been inand been kicked out of eight horrid foster homes, when she finally gets contact with a family member, the only one shes ever had contact with, her Aunt Jessie.

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