The Acolytes of Crane
The Acolytes of Crane
The Acolytes of Crane
Theodore Crane finds solace in goofy everyday pranks, in order to cope with living under the shadow of an abusive father and dealing with a belligerent bully who seeks him out at school. One day, intervention from outer space strikes as a mysterious amulet soars into his room bearing enigmatic clues. This causes Theodore to question everything about the universe, and the answer comes in the form of two battling intergalactic warlords who, unknown to Theodore, have been analyzing him all his life.To protect his loved ones, and to avenge what has torn his family apart, Theodore must leave Earth. He is given just fourteen days to assemble a team of trustworthy friends, and to convince each one to go on this dangerous mission. The Acolytes of Crane is two parts; a coming-of-age story that delights us when it turns into a blast 'em, rock 'em space odyssey. In the words of one reviewer, it starts out like "Sandlot" and finishes up like "Ender's Game."*Each month, I will give 100% of net proceeds from each sale of my books to the Wounded Warrior Foundation; whether it's a dollar or a thousand. Thank you.

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  • Science Fiction
  • Series

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  • 12 and up
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The Acolytes of Crane is about a boy named Theodore Crane. Theo is coping with the trauma of growing up with an abusive father. He is a typical boy, alternating between pulling immature pranks and acting mature for his age.


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