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Logan and his friend Benedict are playing tag in their local library. Suddenly, Logan is caught by a mysterious man. The mysterious man decided to punish Logan by blowing “dust” into Logan’s face. The dust makes it so that Logan can only speak in puns. In order to break the spell, Logan must find 7 oxymorons, 7 palindromes, and 7 anagrams. Join Logan on this “punny” frustrating adventure!

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John and Abigail are a normal (sort of) set of twins on a hair raising adventure through all sorts of trouble. They have a crazy inventor father who is the brain behind several crazy contraptions including the Personal One-Man Helicopter (POMH) and the Foot-Activated Compressed-Air-Powered Page-Turner with Clip on Mount (crazy…right?) When John and Abigail are kidnapped, they need a plan to escape. Their plan to get away from their kidnapper might just be outrageous enough to work. This funny, fast-paced story is a must read for anyone looking for a good adventure story.


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