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Sword has abandoned all magic. He is on the run from the Wizard Lord and has fled to the Uplands. The Wizard Lord - now a Dark Lord, although the people of Barokan can't see it, has made Sword a wanted man. This Lord has won over the people's trust, but is really deceiving them; he has already killed many of the wizards on the Council of Immortals and most of the Chosen to protect his power and position. Sword must befriend a tribe of Uplanders and learn their ways so he can survive until the winter. Then he will travel to the Summer Palace to fufill his duty to kill the Dark Lord.

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What would happen if Jesus came to another planet? Oriannon Hightower of Nyssa is a girl living the good life on the bright side of her planet, Corista. She is an eidich, a person who remembers everything that ever happened to her. Every single detail; she can never forget. But that's exactly what starts to happen when a new mentor of a mysterious background comes to her school. He starts teaching new songs and new ideas, and suspicions arise that he might be a fabled faithbreaker, trying to tempt them away from the teachings of the Maker and the word of the High Assembly.

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