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The Hidden City by Michelle West tells the story of Jewel Markess, also known as Jay, and how she is taken under the wing of Rath. Jay is a peculiar orphan, one with honor and a strangeness about her that is discovered by Rath, a lone scavenger. In a rare act of compassion, Rath nurses the sick girl back to health, and, unable to get rid of her, slowly adopts her to his way of life. Before long Jay is subjected to terrible visions that she cannot control. She is compelled to save children and Rath finds himself and his home over run with orphans.

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Unusual Suspects is the go-to book for contemporary mystery and fantasy stories of the new year. Twelve amazing authors combine mystery, sci-fi and fantasy elements to create some of the most amusing short stories this reviewer has ever read! From dragons to vampires to Santa Clause, Unusual Suspects will keep readers entertained with its colorful cast of cunning detectives and odd villains. It leaves nothing to be desired. Each story will satisfy fantasy and mystery lovers alike!

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The City of Jade is a stand alone novel in the series of Mithgar by Dennis McKiernan. It is the tale of an elf named Aravan and his true love, Aylis, as they embark on their beloved ship, Eroean. After years of fighting apart they join together, finally, to return to the thing they love most: sailing. They have no trouble acquiring forty men to sail, a war band of forty dwarves to protect and with their tiny Psyk friend, Alissa, as scout, the couple is ready to journey out into the world.

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