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At sixteen-year-old Lola’s Texas high school, there’s a classic Breakfast Club mix of students — jocks, nerds, princesses, and misfits. Lola, nicknamed Lowly, fits mostly into the latter category, but she’s determined to make the 1981-82 school year a success. Among the challenges are trigonometry, unrequited crushes, and the Demented Duo, a pair of insufferable boys who make John Bender look like a sweetheart.

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If you’re in high school, you’ve probably been asked that fateful question: “Where are you going to college?” You might be lucky and have everything perfectly plotted out, but chances are, there’s still a lot of planning to do. The Career-Minded Student is here to help! From the basics of getting organized to the more complicated task of choosing a major, author Neil O’Donnell will guide you through the many questions you have about your future.


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