Book Reviews by walkerjm108

This story takes place near Summerset in England. At first, the landscape is described as dark and inhospitable, but as the main character, seventeen-year-old Liam explores the countryside, he begins to see its beauty.

The story takes place in a large, magically created circle with doors surrounding the outside that only magicians and illusionists can enter. One half the circle is decorated in the color gold for the illusionists, the second half in purple for the magicians. The ceiling is lit with floating candles, the floor is filled with tables and performing stages were those with magic or skills in illusion can perform and sell their wares.

What is the spark that makes us who we are?

This book is about the journey of a red soul light named Arr. The story begins in grayness and progresses upward from red through a prism type world where red is not the most popular color to be, or so Arr thinks. Arr travels through the color levels on a journey of self-discovery and growth. At first, his goal is to impress a certain yellow ray and make her his own. As Arr pushes for that end, he finds there is much more to being a soul ray then he ever imagined.