Book Reviews by OrcaGirl

P.T. Wilkie and his friend Gloria Ortega are back with more wacky adventures at the Wonderland.  Award-winning actress Cassie McGinty, Popstar Aidan Tyler, and YouTube sensation Kevin the Monkey are filming their new movie Beach Party Surf Monkey at the Wonderland!  This is an opportunity of a lifetime for the motel. If the Wonderland is featured in a movie, then no one can tear it down, not even P.T.’s obnoxious neighbors Mr.

Welcome to Wonderland: Home Sweet Motel is an adventure about middle school student Phineas Taylor Willkie, who prefers to be called P.T. Willkie.  P.T. learns that his nutty grandpa (founder of the Wonderland) took a big loan from the bank to help his motel, where P.T. lives.  He also learns that Wonderland has to pay it all back within a month.  To save his home, P.T. opens family attractions to boost the money they get. Next he teams up with a girl his age named Gloria, who is a total business whiz.

The book Two for Joy is an amazing adventure seen through the eyes of a young girl named Jenna. It all starts when her great aunt, Tannie, falls off of a back porch step and breaks her ankle. After that, Jenna’s mom decides that Tannie needs to move in with them. However, this poses a problem when her aunt doesn’t want to go.

Super Girl at Super Hero High is about a superhero girl whose planet was destroyed, so she is sent to a high school for super heroes on Earth. She doesn’t quite understand everything and feels clumsy at times. Her friend Barbra Gordon (Babs) helps her get her powers under control with a special program. Barbra is a tech whiz!