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Bullying is a well known topic all over the world. There are many different groups that try to put an end to it, but it seems they are only successful for so long. What if there was a group of mysterious masked persons who were more advanced and effective than the local police?

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Albany always loved fairy tales. Pretty much from the day she was born. She’s always wanted to believe in them, and in living a fairy tale. Not once did she think, though, that a place would exist where almost all aspects of her beloved fairy tales would be alive. Jesters and witches. Princesses and knights. Magic and mystery.

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It was just one prank, on top of the many others she had already played in the past. One prank that she hadn’t thought through, and caused the ends of many lives. Sunel was on a field trip with many of her classmates when she had the great idea to prank the bus driver. It was supposed to be harmless. Instead, it sent her and the rest of the kids on the bus to a place they hadn’t known existed before.

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Beware that Girl is a story that follows the lives of two girls: Kate and Olivia. Both have dark pasts and secrets that may be better left untold. Yet, they come from two completely different life styles. In this book, it is plain to see that the saying “opposites attract” definitely has some truth, even if the attraction is a little manipulated.

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