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The book Will Wilder introduces us to a young boy named Will Wilder. Will is a descendant of the legendary Jacob Wilder, founder of Will’s small and humble town named Perilous Falls. Will has always had a special ability - he can see otherworldly creatures that threaten his town. He’s never really thought much of his abilities until an incident at his brother’s birthday party.

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Shahriar Bourbour’s book Arash the Archer is about a young boy with high hopes and dreams. He is the son of an exalted alchemist and former soldier in the army of King Manucher. Arash is finally ready to see the family treasure. Arash will also meet friendly spirits and battle evil demons and make new friends to restore peace and prosperity to his people.

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In the book The Hounds of Set, the main character is a 13 year-old teenager named Alex. Alex lives with his grandmother in a small, quiet town on the beach. For Alex, life in this dull, sleepy town is boring and he dreams of adventure. That is, until he receives the gift. The gift that shatters his very perspective of existence and sends him on an adventure he never even dreamed of, full of danger and mystery and sends him scrambling for answers. Can Alex solve the greatest puzzle of all?

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