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The book If you Find me by Emily Murdoch is about two girls who spent the better part of their life living in the woods with their mother.  When their mother leaves and does not come back, the eldest girl, Carrey, is forced to take care of her younger sister, Jenessa on her own.  Then, after a few months their father finds them and takes them home with him.  The girls have the new challenge of adjusting to their new life of a new stepsister, stepmother and father that Carey has always been told hurt her and Jenessa.  Carey tries to learn who she can trust with her

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All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry was a book about two girls who grow up like sisters.  They have completely different personalities but neither have a father.  Aurora is beautiful and outgoing, while the narrator keeps to herself and dresses however she wants.  The girls have been best friends forever, and then Jack comes.  Aurora has already dealt with too much loss and can't stand to lose her best friend as well.  This is a story about relationships, friendships and how to balance them all. 


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