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This is the non-fiction companion book to the Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas. You do not need to read the fiction book to enjoy the non-fiction title! However, this companion title is not written at the same level as the fiction.  It is much higher.

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Six middle school students with different backgrounds and personalities are stuck in an upstairs bathroom during an emergency severe weather lockdown. The story is told by Jordan, one of the six boys.

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This is a fun easy read for fans of DC Comics.  As you can guess, Wonder Woman is the main character.  She is leaving her home for the first time and heading to Super Hero high to receive her training to become a super hero.

Wonder Woman finds out that becoming a hero is not as easy as she thought.  She is faced with many challenges both with her lessons and with her fellow super hero classmates. Normal teenage problems like dealing with peer and parental pressure.

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