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Tim, Vanessa, Duncan, three people so different but undoubtedly connected in a story full of secrets, heart ache, and sadness. The truth behind it all will keep you compelled to Tim Macbeth’s last semester as a senior- his final chance to start over in a new boarding school called Irving.  A simple stare at Vanessa Sheller the “it girl” will be all it takes for Tim to break his one and only rule, to keep to himself.  Bestowing a love story full of travesty; essentially changing the lives of everyone around the prestigious Irving school.

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The epitome of a coming to age story, this book is about four very diverse teenagers. Their stories are filled with turmoil, despair and a love triangle that will all be revealed with nothing left out. Two sisters and two brothers come together every summer in upstate New York in their Russian grandparents' homes, a place they think they can forget about everything and everyone, where they can finally be themselves. That is until a secret will unfold and tear apart their relationships.



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