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The Tooth Fairy Trap is an early readers book (for ages 5-8) that chronicles the night shift job of tooth fairy, Bluma. She takes her job very seriously and doesn't want to go back to polishing teeth like the younger fairies. Each night, she travels to the bedrooms of kids who have recently lost their teeth, leaves charming hand-written notes, and exchanges a coin for the child's tooth. However, the job isn't all fun and play. Unfortunately, Bluma is very allergic to fairy dust, and tonight, she must retrieve Bradley's tooth, set up in a clever trap.

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Persimmon Gaunt and Imago Bone are an unconventional couple and partners in crime: a poet and a slow-aging thief. As they wander to the Eastern edge of the world, they are swept into an adventure that involves magic scrolls, gangs, mythical dragons, and their unborn child. 

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Earth Girl, set hundreds of years in the future, offers a stunning vision of humanity’s future. We can regrow limbs, we have marvelous technology, and we have colonized many other planets. In a matter of seconds, we can transport between these planets  through special portals…. All except for the taboo “apes,” humans who were born without the immune system needed to survive on other planets. They are abandoned at birth on Earth.

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