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The Kissing Booth starts out simple enough: Elle and her best friend, Lee, have to come up with a booth for the school festival, and what better thing to do than a Kissing Booth?

What Elle and Lee didn’t think of was what one simple kissing booth could lead to.

After all, Elle never thought that Lee’s older brother, Noah, would show up at the kissing booth; or that she’d be having her very first kiss with him. One kiss can cause so much trouble.

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Mystic, being the third book in the Soul Seeker series, starts out with the ongoing problems of Cade (Dace's evil twin, literally) attempting to take over the Middle World and Lower World so that he may wreak havoc until he controls everything and can break into the Upper World as well. Cade is power hungry and egotistical. While Dace having just lost his soul in an attempt to save Daire, only to have her taken to the Upper World, is lost in the vast darkness of the Lower World.