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LitPick Student Book Review Reading and Writing Help Program

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Who are we?
We are parents and educators with a passion for helping students improve their reading and writing.

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Student get books to read for free and to review at LitPick

Who can become a LitPick student book reviewer?
Any student from third grade and up into college can become a LitPick student book reviewer and write book reviews for us.

How do students get started reviewing for LitPick?
It's easy! Just fill out a student reviewer application In just 2 - 3 days, you will be requesting your first book to review for LitPick.


Can a student earn money reviewing books for LitPick?
LitPick student book reviewers who have repeatedly demonstrated that they can write well-written and supported reviews in a timely manner, will be specially asked to become part of an elite "A Team" of LitPick reviewers.  This A Team reads and reviews books submitted for Rapid or Guaranteed Reviews, and for each Rapid or Guaranteed Review that they complete, the student reviewer will receive an Amazon.com gift certificate.

LitPick student book reviewers can earn Amazon.com gift certificates for their reviews

Do LitPick student reviewers get to keep the book that they review?
Yes, reviewers keep printed review books after their book review is posted on our site. Reviewers can also keep eBook review copies. However, the LitPick honor code for student reviewers includes a pledge not to share print or eBook copies with anyone else out of respect for the authors and publishers who have entrusted us with these new YA books.

Students from all over the world can get books to read for free and review for LitPick

How can students outside of the United States become LitPick book reviewers?
Individuals or groups of students from outside the United States can become LitPick student book reviewers of eBooks for free.   We have hundreds of new eBooks on our online booklist that are available for review, and we welcome reviewers from all over the world to join us.

Do you have to be a good reader to become a LitPick student book reviewer?
No, not at all. You just need to love to read books (especially new book releases) and be willing to write your opinions about what you read.  Students choose the books they want to review from a booklist online. We do not assign our student book reviewers books to review.

Earn points and badges in our online interactive reading program

How does a student reviewer earn points and badges?
You can earn points and badges for each book review, forum post, correct answer in our vocabulary and grammar quizzes, and for well-written book reviews.  To see who's in first place, click here.

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