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The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))
by Elizabeth Sayles, Marion Dane Bauer
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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The book The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story by Marion Dane Bauer, is a children's book about a girl named Rose who feels like she doesn't fit in. Girls in her class roll their eyes and make Rose feel less. Rose doesn't like it when the attention is on her and she'd rather not be noticed by anyone. But, on a simple day she finds a tiny doll in the attic and she gains an interest in the doll. When she shows her mom, her mom doesn't want Rose having the doll, because she doesn't trust her with it, since the doll is a china doll, and Rose is very clumsy. Rose keeps the doll and learns about responsibility. All her adventures with the doll named Regina have a lesson behind to help girls like Rose and Rose herself.


I enjoyed reading the book, it's a cute story to read to little kids. The book for me was predictable like most children stories are. The book wasn't just fantasy, you did feel part of Rose's life and I at times felt I wanted to be her friend and make her realize what the doll was teaching her. There's definately different characters that readers can relate to. Every character has different personalities that help the story be effective. In the end, The Very Little Princess Rose's Story, teaches you about responsibility, trust, and respect. I recommend this book for any age group. It's easy and fun to read.


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