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Tangled (Torn)
by Erica O'Rourke
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Recently, I've read the suspenseful novel Tangled, by the aspiring author of its prequel, Torn, Erica O' Rouke. This is an exciting and intriguing novel about the decisions our heroine, the courageous Chicago native Maura (Mo) Fitzgerald must make. What kind of decisions? Well, like the decision of saving the world, for instance (or saving herself). Trapped between her duty and her desire to save herself, there just doesn't seem like an escape that wouldn't cause destruction to the magical world. Also on her to-do list making sure her best friend's murder does not go on unnoticed. This inspiring novel shows how agonizing some decisions can be, when it seems like you can't win without hurting someone else. Plus, with all these harsh realities, Mo faces yet another challenge about two alluring men intent on winning her heart.""Luc opened the door, one arm braced against the top of the door frame, and I nearly stumbled on the uneven ground. I'd forgotten how searingly gorgeous he was, his body all lean muscle and a face that looked like it had been carved from amber.""


Erica O' Rouke has put an enhancing vocabulary, daunting descriptions, and a paranormal plot together to make a literary gem. She has coaxed the story out of the depths of its hard shell, so that it has burst open, showering the world with extraordinary depth and understanding of the teenage mind. The mere intrigue of it is phenomenal, keeping you glued to your favorite reading spot from the beginning. Deception and mystery haunt every corner, just waiting to leap out and surprise you. The sentence structure is perfected, the contents of the book edgy, ensuring that you stay on your toes the whole way through, from the first section to the final page, leaving you thirsting for more. With profound and mind-stirring thoughts on every page, it makes you reconsider the world as we know it, placing things we normally take for granted into perspective. "The truth is scary, and usually painful, and it might set you free, but it can also leave you lonely. People say that truth hurts-and they''re right, it does-but you can survive the truth. Lies, on the other hand, will kill you dead."

This book is all about how you might just have the right thing in you, even if you don't know it is there. It teaches you that nothing is quite hidden away, no matter how good you think you have it concealed away, hidden from prying eyes forever. After I read this book, I looked at the world with a new set of eyes, wondering about how this life I live differs from some of the imperfect lives of the characters in this thought-provoking novel. If you are a deep thinker, this is the book for you!"

""He wears his grief differently than most. He holds it so close, I'm not sure he even knows what it does to him."""

I would wholly recommend this book to ages thirteen and up, because of some of the few basic colorful expletives, including a story plot and depth that would be hard to understand for younger children. I would also advise you to read the book preceding it in the series, Torn, otherwise it takes a while to figure out what's going on in the novel. This book is full of action and suspense, so if you are faint of heart, watch out!"

So will Mo choose to follow her heart or leave fate to do its secret work? Read this splendid book to find out!




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There are a few colorful adjectives and the story plot is harder to understand for younger children. There is also a slight sense of seduction in this book.

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