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Surfing Summers
by James Connor
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - Baltimore, MD, United States
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"Surfing Summers" is the tale of two children, Turk and Kenny, who meet every summer at the beach where both their families own beach houses. In the past, the two children have enjoyed going to Moonlight Beach with their rafts and riding in the water. This year, Kenny suggests that they rent surfboards and travel on the waves. Despite what their parents allow and despite the fact that there have been several surfing accidents on the beach, Kenny and Turk take a risk and secretly go to the beach try to rent a surfboard to share. When they discover that surfboard rentals cost more money than they have, they try to persuade Frank, the beach boy, to let them bring the rest of the money the next day. Frank declines that offer but makes a deal with them. The two boys would receive a surfboard each for 2 hours every day as long as they set up and take down umbrellas on Moonlight Beach. Kenny and Turk agree and soon it becomes their routine. Each day, they surf and help Frank. However, Kenny and Turk become suspicious of Frank. They see that he and his girlfriend are using surfboards no one has paid to rent. What is Frank really up to and can his wrong-doings be the cause of danger or a serious injury? Find out in "Surfing Summers."


I found this book to be rather dull and boring. It was incredibly predictable and had no real problem and nothing interesting. I only learned one thing in this entire book, that surfboards need wax. The font in the book was large and the book was short and thin, therefore making the story a dull, predictable, boring, and incredibly short and unsatisfying. The two kids never really encountered a problem, which is usually what makes a fiction book interesting. When there isn't a problem, you feel unsatisfied and feel the book is unfinished. "Surfing Summers," had little detail and was not the least bit intriguing. I feel that this book is not worthy of being a book.



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