Shattered review by GBarr_GIPS
by Kathi Baron
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 11
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BANG!!! Is what Cassie heard when her amazing Mangenot shattered to the ground.It was that moment that her heart sank and hate replaced it. Cassie is a girl that doesn't like bein at home because of her father that has anger issuies and will destroy anything that the can he his hands on! Then on a quite,intense day Cassie forgets to feed the cat and the father hits the roof. He starts chocking the cat and bangs him to the wall and gets her precious violin and bang it hits the ground. The next thing you know she's flying out the door with her cat on the cold day. She doesn't know were to go and the only person she can think about is the person she trust's her granddad. But before she can go there she has to meet people and feel how it is to feel homeless! Then there is a deadly secret that will change everything on how she thinks about her family!


WOW! Man this book is a touching story and inspires you to chase your dreams. The most inspering charecters Cassie! The reason is because she is brave and has tons of courage. She goes through a lot to get her dream to come true and never gives up. This book always has a twist and you can never predict whats goin to happen next. The author uses great word choice and makes you feel like your part of that family. So I totally think you should read this book because you will enjoy it!


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