Runner review by VBer
Runner, A Jane Whitefield Novel
by Thomas Perry
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Reviewer's Location - Exeter, NH, United States
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This book was about Jane Whitefield, who helps people run away from their old lives so that they can survive in a new one. Jane takes the person and gives them a new identity far away from their old friends and family so that they will never be seen again. For several years she has not done this, because she has made a new life for herself, one where she doesn't have to worry about being killed every second of her life. Enter Christine, a timid secretary who has landed herself in a lot of trouble with her ex-boyfriend. Only Jane can save her but it will mean that she has to give up that whole not getting killed idea for a while. As the details of Christine's life are revealed things that were just dangerous before become perilous adventures. Will everyone come out alive??? Find out in Runner.


This was an excellent thriller that I could not put down. The author was dealing with some pretty weird circumstances in the book but I believe that he handled that and the crazy plot very well. I was lost a little bit in the beginning, but I figured it out by the end. The only bad thing about the book was that I thought the sexuality was over the top at some points, but that did not really take away from the story, it was just an annoyance.



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The only caution I have for readers is the aforementioned sexuality and extreme violence. You should be at least 12 or 13 to read this book.

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