Orange Planet review by CAcker
Orange Planet 1
by Haruka Fukushima
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Romance

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Age at time of review - 15
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My mommy and Daddy are dead. And today is my birthday. Says Scared little Rui. I'll give you something if you stop crying, I'll give you the brightest star up there. Weather its spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter& That star will always shine bright in the Northern sky, Says a mysterious kid to Little Rui. Now she's in junior high school and no matter how many days go by she'll never forget her mom and dad. Now that she's in junior high school, It's raining boys. She has a major boy problem, she is in love with a boy, but two others are in love with her! The boys names are: Taro Amanatsu who is her neighbor, Eisuke Tachibana whose apartment room caught fire and is now living with her, and we can't forget the one she loves Kaoru Nakamura. She is writing to a guy named Haru-san, who she met at the funeral of her mother and father, because he sent her a letter saying, If you get sad write a letter to Haru-san which was taped to a teddy bear. So since the day of her mother and fathers death she has been writing to Haru-san about her day and about the guys in her life.


In this book you will feel you are apart of the story, because her life is probably as crazy as a normal junior high school students', or maybe even crazier. But then in some parts you will be - wow is that really happening? I would really recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance Manga every once in a while. There is also humor, and just plain out embarrassing things on every page. I really think the main purpose of this author writing this book is that what goes on in Rui's life can really be happening to junior high schoolers today. So anywhere in the world there is someone who has lived in the footsteps of Rui.

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