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The Lace Dowry
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When Juli and her mama go to Halas to order an elegant lace tablecloth for Juli's dowry, she finds a new friend named Roza, otherwise known as the best lacemaker's daughter. They return every two months to the lacemaker's shop to check up on the progress of the tablecloth and to make payments on it. Juli's mama doesn't want her having a friend from the country. So when her mama finds out Juli and Roza have become friends, Juli's mama forces her to go to dance class instead of going to Halas with her. Juli is afraid that Roza might go blind like her (Roza's) mama and she decides to help her. How, you ask? Well, instead of using the money her mama gave her for white dance shoes, Juli uses it to buy something that she thinks will help Roza not to go blind from making lace, but will Juli ever see Roza again to give it to her? Find out in one of the greatest books ever, called "The Lace Dowry".


I loved this book so much that I wished it would never end. The Lace Dowry is set in 1933 in the city in Budapest. This book has magnificent characters that are interesting to read about. I enjoyed reading this book very much because it had a wonderful plot and the setting was unusual. This book also has a moral question: Is it ok to tell lies and steal to help someone else who is in need? Everything about this book is awesome, and I recommend "The Lace Dowry" to everybody.


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