Girls Just Wanna Have Guns review by SHurl
Girls Just Wanna Have Guns (Bobbie Faye, Book 2)
by Toni McGee Causey
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 17
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What do you get when you mix three different kidnappers,missing diamonds, and voodoo? The answer is a new Bobbie Faye adventure. When a couple of million dollar diamonds go missing, Bobbie Faye's life is turned upside down.Francesca, Bobbie Faye's cousin, is convinced that Bobbie Faye knows the location of the diamonds. Unfortunately, three different kidnappers and their hit men believe the same. What else is a girl to do when family is involved? Bobbie Faye goes after the diamonds and soon discovers startling details about the people she thought she knew. Join Bobbie Faye in her new adventure surrounded by a handsome FBI employee, an ex-boyfriend, and explosions like you've never seen them before.


While the story line itself was fine, I could not focus on the story because of all the unnecessary foul language. The words were numerous across every single page of the book. I hardly paid attention to the story because I was too busy thinking, "Those words are horrible and there is no point in having them in the story. "Even when I tried to read the story and forget the cursewords, I couldn't do it because "fudge" was written and used as pretty much every adjective. I myself think that this book is a sorry attempt to reach the teenage world through language and I do not recommend it to anyone.



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There is at least one curse word on every page. Sometimes as many as five. Most of the time, the curse word rhymes with duck and is known as "fudge".

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