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Ghost Ship
by Dietlof Reiche
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - Baltimore, MD, United States
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A blend of mystery, ghost story and pirate tale, Dietlof Reiche's Ghost Ship is a brilliant novel that will keep readers intrigued until the end. Set in a small New England community in present day, Reiche supplements his story with flashbacks to the 18th century that add to the ghostliness of the tale.

Vicki is a twelve year old girl who works as a waitress in her dad's restaurant, Ye Olde Seashell Room. A community that thrives with tourism, their spectacular bay is the main reason people go there to escape. Except one day, the bay disappears. Nothing is left except a muddy area where the bay used to be, until the Storm Goddess shows up. A two hundred and thirty year old sailing vessel, the Storm Goddess appears in the middle of the empty bay looking brand new. Vicki and her new friend Peter appear to be the only one troubled by the bay's disappearance and the ship's reappearance. Could this have anything to do with Vicki's ancestor's journal? He was a quartermaster on the ship and Vicki's reading of the journal coincided with the bay's disappearance. Suddenly Vicki is being haunted by ghosts and she knows the only way to return everything to normal is to get aboard the ghost ship and unlock an ancient curse. All that stands in her way is a greedy mayor, a story hungry reporter, a security detail and her curfew.


Reiche story unfolds in such a way that a reader is never bored, yet kept in suspense until the end of the tale. His characters are fun and adventurous, everyday people who find themselves thrown into a mystery. The book, though it could be classified as horror, is perfect for ages 7-12 because of its lack of gory details and Reiche's masterful story telling skills.

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