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Double Crossing
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Lily Granville, the heroine in Meg Mims's novel, Double Crossings, takes a
perilous journey out west to track down her father's killer and save her fortune.
With her overbearing aunt and uncle, a jilted lover, and a mysterious stranger in
tow, Lily sets off by boat and train to reach her uncle out west and find Emil
Torado, the man who killed her father. She hires Ace Diamond, a rough,
unscrupulous Texan to protect her on the journey. Over time, tensions arise
between Charles, the pursuer of Lily's hand in marriage, and Ace, who shows
interest in Lily. As the journey progresses, Lily must carefully chose those she
trusts as her enemies make multiple threats against her.


Meg Mimss novel, Double Crossings, began on an exciting note but faded and lost interest as the
story progressed. The plot of the novel becomes strained and highly familiar to
other works. Lilys journey is highly predictable, and the ending is hardly a
surprise. Despite its historical basis, I learned little about the journey many
people made out west in the eighteen hundreds. Overall, I would not recommend
this book or read any other books by this author.

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