Dead Girls Don't Write Letters review by ZR
Dead Girls Don't Write Letters (Single Titles)
by Gail Giles
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 11
Reviewer's Location - Baltimore, MD, United States
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This book is about a girl named Sunny who gets a mysterious letter from her dead sister. Sunny thinks that there is no possible way that this could happen. But when Sunny opens the letter from her dead sister she realizes that her sister will be coming home tomorrow. But how? That's the main idea of this book. When Sunny's so called sister "Jazz" comes home,Sunny realizes that this person is not Jazz. She doesn't look like Jazz. But as this Jazz moves into there life she does everything exactly like the real Jazz does. This "Jazz" has somehow made herself try to be the real Jazz,but why?


This book sounds like a confusing book,although it really is not. You just have to read this book to be able to really understand what is happening. This is one of the most excellent books I have ever read. The characters were all very good. This book was put together very well. It really is a very good mystery, but it is sad to learn the truth at the end. The so called "not Jazz" was a very interesting character. I liked her character because it was cool that she new how to be and act like the real Jazz. Giles does a good job explaining how all of this has happened. Some parts of the book are hard to understand, but most of it is not. It is kind of a shocking ending of how everything is going to turn out. I hope that Giles will somehow make a sequel to this book,or at least write another mystery book. This book is for people who like to be sort of suprised at the end of a book,and for people who like mystery.


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