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by Serena Robar
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Chick Lit

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The book starts out with Colby, the main character, going through a normal day of life. Getting dressed, going to school, flirting with the cute jock, going to the football game, cheerleading, walking home because cute guy ditched, and then going to bed. Well, everything was normal until Colby started to go home, and bumps into a guy. Well the guy was a vampire and decided she should be one too. Now Colby's life is turned around. She has trouble getting up during the day, she can't eat regular food, she has to have a fang retainer because her canine teeth were pulled out, and she receives visits from the vampire inspecters and they tell her that she is going to have to argue for her life. Also everyone thinks she faked her attack, she doesn't have a date for homecoming, and the cute vampire she likes may want her dead. Colby's future seems bleak,but she is determined to live her undead life, even if that means killing her creater to do so.


"Braced2Bite" was an interesting vampire book. The author took a few modern ideas of the perception of vampires and added those ideas with her own, creating a new and original vampire community. The main character, Colby, situation was fun to read about. The attitude Colby had towards her life's sudden change was funny to read about. One moment Colby would hate being a member of the undead, and then the next moment she would find a reason that would make her love. From when Colby learned that she was a vampire to her finally finding out if she would live or die, the reader followed her on a journy full of adventure, friends, and the forever changing life of a teenage undead.

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