Betrayal review by BArne
Betrayal (Haunting Emma)
by Lee Nichols
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction
Five Star Award

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Betrayal is about Emma Vaile, the most powerful ghostkeeper of all. Emma lives in Bennett Stern's house who is her boyfriend and soul mate. They are training to battle an extremely powerful ghost that is killing members of the Knell. The Knell is a ghost keeping society. When they realize that power is the only thing that will beat the ghost, Bennett is forced to leave her because when two ghostkeepers fall in love the weaker one loses all power and they have none to spare. Then, the Knell sends three other ghostkeepers to make a team with Emma to defeat the ghost. They form a bond and begin training restlessly to prepare for the fight. They only realize how powerful Neos the ghost is when they meet face to face.


The main characters in Betrayal are Emma Vaile, Bennett Stern, Neos, Natalie, Lukas, and Simon. The author does a very good job in making the reader feel as though the characters are real because they actually have real personalities that do not seem fake. When this book ended I felt that I wanted to more of what happened with Bennett and Emma. My overall response to this book is that I enjoyed it very much. It was never boring! I couldnt put it down because one thing would happen after the other. The ending was great and much different than I expected.

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