All You Desire review by MDavi
All You Desire (Eternal Ones)
by Kirsten Miller
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 14
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This book is a sequel to a book called The Eternal Ones. It takes place in Rome and New York. It is about a girl named Haven who reincarnates after every life that she lives so that she is with her love, Iain Morrow, forever. She also has another man who has been her lover in past lives. His name is Adam Rosier and he runs a group called the Ouroboros society. In the past, he has been evil. After Havens best friend, Beau, disappears while going to New York to meet his soul mate, Haven knows that she must find him. She rushes to New York and with the help of Adam Rosier and a mysterious group called the Horae, she just might find her friend. It is a romantic mystery.


While reading this book, you feel like you are part of the story. The author is very descriptive. The mood is romantic, yet it is also mysterious because this book is about love and soul mates. It is mysterious because as you read, you figure out lots of secrets. I believe that the characters are real people because they live real lives and they seem like a person that I might meet in my own life. I liked the characters because they were all unique and they added essential parts to the story. The authors voice is normal, just like the voice of someone who would be telling you the story orally. I liked the style of this book because it wasnt very specific and I could let my own emotions tell the story. It was told in first person, which is very appropriate. The author ended the book well except for one thing; she left us wondering what happened to a certain character. The author achieved their purpose because I was very entertained by this book. The writing was beautiful and very well done. The vocabulary was age-appropriate. The strength of this book is the beauty of the writing, but the weakness is that sometimes the writing was too long and too descriptive when it needed to be short and concise. This book was one of the better books that I have read in this genre, but not the best. I have not read other books from this author except for the first book in this series. I didnt really learn anything in this book, but it was still a good read. I enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to others, but I would recommend it to mainly girls.

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Content rating - mature content

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