The Zmora
The Zmora
The Zmora
Levi Puskaric is an ordinary sixteen year old kid. He has a best friend, James; parents, a little sister and a weird Polish grandmother who walks around the house chanting, dressed in black and making signs to ward off evil.Together, Levi and James are ‘The Team’ and one day; the team is going to Make It Big. They just haven’t figured out how yet.Death has come to the small town of Larsenville. From the moment the poster calling for a town meeting was nailed to poles all over town; people had changed. Residents are reduced to a scowling eye looking out from a twitching curtain.The city sends specialists; but just like everyone else in Larsenville, they guess. Everyone except for Grandma Puskaric; because she knows the truth. She escaped death as a young girl growing up in a small village in Poland.But she is old and her old ways are foolish. This is the new land and there is no room for, or belief in legends.For ‘The Team’, it doesn’t come bigger than killing a monster and saving the town.But as Levi and James discover, there is much to lose.Levi’s younger sister Pauly is in the right age group to be chosen. They soon realize that the creature is real and it is smart enough to retaliate. In a bid to destroy the team, their strength.The Zmora’s second attempt to take Pauly takes Levi to the edge and he watches his family and the team, unravel. He understands that he must face evil alone and destroy the monster.

Book Details


  • Paranormal
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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