The Year They Won: A Tale of the Boston Red Sox
The Year They Won: A Tale Of The Boston Red Sox
The Year They Won: A Tale of the Boston Red Sox
Gerard Purciello
It's the year 2024, and your beloved baseball team hasn't won the World Series for twenty years, long before yu were born. You're worried the Curse has descended on the Red Sox again and that they won't win for another 86 years.So you and your buddies (and your cat) put together a Plan to win the Series again, even if you have to steal it for the Sox. If yo've ever loved or hated the Boston Red Sox, stolen a base or tried to, rooted for the underdog, taken a baseball glove to a game, crossed your fingers, or yelled at the ump--this is the book you've been waiting for.

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  • 12 and up
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Jerry, "Tags" Taglia is the leader of a group of young boys, all Red Sox fans, who were born in the years following the historic Red Sox World Series victory of 2004, a victory as yet unrepeated. These boys, however, are not content to sit back and hope for another Sox win-they intend to do something about it, and make a plan to disable the "Brain", the controller of hundreds of miniature sensors that record homers, strikes, and fouls within the Sox Stadium.

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This is a lively and fun book about four friends (Jerry "Tags" Taglia, Peter "Capisce" Capiscio, Paul "Paulie" Beacon, and Paul's twin brother, Joe "Lights" Beacon) and the Boston Red Sox. The friends come up with a wild plan to steal the World Series of 2024 for the Sox, who haven't won the Series in twenty years. They spend their whole summer working on the Plan, but the Plan goes hilariously wrong! (Turns out that the boys are brave enough to face the cannibal in the sewer, but they're no match for an elderly security guard.)

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