WWW: Wake
WWW: Wake (WWW Trilogy)
WWW: Wake
Robert J. Sawyer
Receiving an implant to restore her sight, math genius Caitlin's life is changed in ways she could have never imagined when she suddenly begins to see a world beyond reality and an incredible realm that others cannot.

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  • Fiction
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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"WWW: Wake" by Robert J. Sawyer is a thrilling book. The story mainly follows a girl with a unique case of blindness that just so happens to be a polymath. She gets in contact with a Japanese researcher that implants a device in her left eye. Afterwards, she begins to see the world wide web before she sees the real world. As Sawyer explains, she sees the internet in its abstract nature, not how regular people see browsers, websites, and whatnot. Later, it becomes clear to her that the internet she encountered was actually a being.

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