W.S. From Rear-Ender to Slender Brenda
W.S: From 'Rear-Ender' to 'Slender' Brenda
W.S. From Rear-Ender to Slender Brenda
Jane Cuff
Using humour, W.S skilfully tackles two very topical issues: bullying and obesity. The main storyline involves two 12 year old girls, Brenda and Katie, who over a period of time, find their circumstances reversed. The bully, Katie, gains weight and becomes known as 'Weighty' Katie, whilst the girl she cruelly nicknamed Brenda 'Rear Ender,' loses weight and is subsequently accepted by her peers and renamed 'Slender' Brenda. By cleverly turning the tables on Katie, the author is able to be very real about the destructive and painful act of bullying. Children are loving a book that is making them laugh and cringe, whilst subtly challenging the way they think and behave. Adults who read W.S with their children are transported back in time, whether they were bullied at school, or simply watched it take place. W.S is a big punchy story in a short book; one you'll struggle to put down once you've picked it up.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Twelve-year-old Katie is thin, popular, and beautiful. When twelve-year-old, not-so-thin Brenda joins Katie's school, Katie immediately nicknames Brenda Rear-ender. Katie and her friends are very cruel to Brenda, but within six short months, Brenda mysteriously grows thin and Katie mysteriously puts on the pounds. Brenda still eats sweets and chocolates, yet she never gains any weight. As soon as Katie puts on the weight, she becomes unpopular and her friends turn on her. Everyone makes fun of her, and Katie discovers it's no fun getting the short end of the stick.

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