In a world corrupted by acceptance, could you be yourself? Meghan’s life had never been easy, either being overlooked as Merlin’s younger sister, or getting the wrong kind of attention for being different. When Merlin’s attempt to save Meghan’s life by transporting her to eleventh century Amorika, France, goes awry, she finds herself in twenty-first century America. There, she discovers that it is all too easy to fit in with the popular crowd—if she hides who she really is. Meghan faces the choice of condoning the same oppression that she had encountered before or giving up her newly won acceptance and becoming an outcast again. She soon realizes that her decision will not only affect her life, but will determine whether a friend lives or dies to the same forces that once threatened her. When the teenage sister of Merlin, the world's most powerful magician, is confronted by life-threatening bullying, where can she run? Megan attempts to escape to the 21st Century but is forced to confront the same demons she hoped to leave behind. WIZARD is a heart-stopping novel that will hold young readers enthralled from the first page to the last." Lois Duncan author of Stranger with My Face and I Know What You Did Last Summer

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Fifteen year old Meghan is from the sixth century and is the sister of the famous Merlin. Meghan uses a wizard’s wand rather than a witch’s. This proves dangerous in her time. To protect Meghan, she is sent from ancient Avalon into the future to eleventh century Amoika. There she was supposed to meet up with Tredwal, a friend of her brother's and the boy who she loves. Somehow Meghan ends up in 21st century America.

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