When The Snow Fell
When the Snow Fell
When The Snow Fell
Henning Mankell
Joel Gustafson’s journey toward becoming a man continues.As it has in the past, the first snow of the year signifies to Joel Gustafson his very own New Year’s Eve. So when the snow begins to fall on a cold November day, Joel gets busy making new resolutions—three, to be exact. As the winter days pass, life becomes ever more complicated. Joel has questions and the answers don’t necessarily come easily, but he is determined to keep his resolutions—for his father, for himself, and for their future. In this companion novel to A Bridge to the Stars and Shadows in the Twilight, readers follow Joel’s journey as he realizes along the way that it will require determination, strength, and valor to truly become a man.

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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When the Snow Fell is a book about a boy named Joel Gustafson. He decides to make his own New Year resolutions. They are, to live to be at least one-hundred years old, set his eyes on the sea, and to see a naked lady. He makes these resolutions in the church grave yard. After he made the resolutions he ran into Lars Olson's grave, a boy who died at the age of fourteen. Joel was almost fourteen. Throughout the book he thinks about Lars and what he would've done if he wouldn't have died at such a young age. Joel has a lot on his mind throughout the book.

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