What Was Left of Her
What Was Left of Her

When two sisters inherit their aunt’s house on the Norfolk coast, they are forced to confront the past. Thrown together on an eroding clifftop, increasingly haunted by memories of their aunt and disturbed cousin, they try to make sense of the present and its relation to their family history.

Why did their aunt die? What does their neighbour want with them, or the house? And why did their late cousin seem to hate them so much it almost reaches beyond death?

What Was Left of Her is a chilling modern gothic novel, perfect for fans of Susan Hill and Shirley Jackson.

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  • Fiction
  • Paranormal

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  • Adult
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What Was Left Of Her is a captivating story about a young woman named Cassie, who had just lost her beloved aunt who was like a mother to her and her sister Alex. Their aunt, Lucie, was a beautiful woman of class and refined elegance, and anyone who knew her could attest to the fact that she seemed out of place in the small, downtrodden town where she spent most of her life. Why she never left was a mystery. How she died was a mystery.

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