For What It's Worth
For What It's Worth

The prank pact was meant to be fun. Now they just want to live through it.  Tulsa, 2006. Jon Ryan and his three best friends spend the final days of their senior year goofing off and taking mushrooms at casino concerts, keeping adulthood at arms’ length as long as possible. To memorialize their time together, they make a pact: one prank per person, per night, on the last week of school. From subtle psychological torture and glitter bombs to a stolen llama and a dead body in the trunk, what begins as harmless fun escalates into a matter of life and death. The pranks lead to a head-on collision with their mailbox aficionado principal, their jewel-thief history teacher, and a slew of petty criminals, oil-money gangsters, and the Japanese mob. It’s a hell of a final exam to pass if the boys hope to live till graduation.

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  • Mystery

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  • Adult
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