What I Tell Myself About Talent
What I Tell Myself About Talent

Some are great at some things. Others are good at other things. Some are not good at some things. But, what are your children great, good, or not good at? Some children become adults never having harnessed their inner talents. That’s where What I Tell Myself About Talent enters in continuing the mission to heal and empower adults, parents, grandparents, caretakers and other readers in helping children actively explore their current and future talents through everyday things they do. Inner talent recognition is essential for positive self-actualization in all children. From performing arts and the trades to selfless-serving occupations, help your child explore their inner talents and guide them toward positive self-actualization. Be. Know. Do. Explore.


Book Details


  • Fiction
  • Inspirational

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

What I Tell Myself About Talent begins with a young boy searching himself to determine what he is good at or what he describes as talent. The story soon flows into a collection of multiple children searching in the world around them to discover their true callings. Along the way, the kids learn the benefits of hard work in jobs like shoveling snow or mowing grass, and they see the beauty in the world through painting and making music. They also discover through the various vocations in the world that the people around them mold how they see themselves.

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