The Wagon Maker's Apprentice
The Wagon Maker's Apprentice
The Wagon Maker's Apprentice
Fred Little
In a medieval city called Carmal, alongside an oceanic lake with no name; as Jorn Trapper, works tirelessly to learn the wagon making trade, he is perpetually lured to adventure by Talbot, a monkey who is insightful, inventive and speaks like an aristocrat, but is naïve to a fault. As Jorn and Talbot share endless banter and escapade during the summer of 809, adventuring inelegantly through the monkey’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and invention, a trio of lovely young women set their sights on Jorn Trapper. While these ladies engage in the harsh brutality of romantic combat for the heart of the wagon maker’s apprentice, Talbot’s fertile mind and busy fingers give birth to the grandest creation ever known to man. And he unleashes it upon their unsuspecting world as an unspeakable evil storms toward the village of Carmal.Also! Check out Fred Little's exciting science fiction adventure novels, Twelve Light - Some Specimens Are Best Left Alone and Twelve Light II - Comrades of Desperation. A two part tale of space alien abduction gone wrong, the Twelve Light duet will keep you riveted, amazed . . . and laughing -- as a trio of smart assed teenagers commandeer a giant UFO and are sent fleeing through space and time to escape the fate the starship piracy has brought down upon them all.

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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