The Virtual Life of Lexie Diamond
The Virtual Life of Lexie Diamond
The Virtual Life of Lexie Diamond
Victoria Foyt
Lexie Diamond loves her computer. She loves to surf the Web more than anything else—and to the exclusion of a social life. Beyond being just a computer geek, Lexie has developed a unique philosophy that the essential truth about life is found on the Internet, which she navigates with the expertise and finesse of a true believer.Then a tragic accident rocks Lexie's cyber-driven world and forces her to navigate the real world after all. With the aid of an unexpected ally—her first actual friend—not only is Lexie drawn into a mystery surrounding the accident, but she discovers more magic in the Web than she ever dreamed possible.Along the way Lexie's beliefs are challenged, her family is turned upside down, and her future is threatened. In this visionary tour de force by a promising new novelist, Lexie must decide what is real and what is virtual: Her life depends on it.

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  • Fiction
  • Science Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Lexie Diamond is a young girl that is simply obsessed with computers. She doesn't really have any friends in real life because she doesn't believe that she belongs in the 'bubble'. The bubble is the real world. Lexie believes that there is another world, located in the internet. The only real friends she has are her mother and the mysterious webrider, who has been her internet pal for years. Suddenly, when her mother is mysteriously killed, things just get worse for Lexie. Her father meets a woman named Jane, who Lexie thinks is involved with her mother's death.

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