The Vault Keepers: The Journal
The Vault Keepers: The Journal
The Vault Keepers: The Journal
Sixty-eight seasons of darkness have now passed since the vast majority of the Earth’s population ended in an explosive holocaust. Out of the destructive chaos, a new society emerged, one that strictly forbids any knowledge of the past. This poses great danger to Kally, Quinn, Jade, and Doc, four tightly knit friends from the village of Serenity, who stumble upon a secret hidden vault buried deep in the woods. In one of its main chambers sits an old journal containing the writings of a father and son, Jason and Tad Hastings. It is through their eyes that the four friends become fascinated as they explore the details of the events leading up to the Big Occurrence.Over the next several seasons, Kally and the others continue to secretly visit the vault, gaining knowledge and understanding of their current existence. Unfortunately, they find themselves faced with a difficult dilemma for they cannot share what they have learned without facing banishment or even death. While they face this challenge, Serenity experiences a formidable event in the sky...something so bizarre and mysterious that the friends find themselves caught up in a new adventure - an adventure that will take then to new worlds - worlds that are in desperate need of the knowledge contained in the Vault and the Journal.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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