Christine Broome
Christine G. Broome was born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 6, 1958. In 2006 she moved to Layton, Utah where she still currently lives with her husband. For the past 29 years she has worked as a legal secretary, first in Boston, Massachusetts, then in Atlanta, Georgia, and now in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A 1979 graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in Elementary Education, Christine first began writing children's stories for her niece and nephew. Over the many years that followed, the desire to write continued to grow and, in 2009, she began to write and sell several small articles on the internet for This experience intensified her desire to write something on a larger scale and, without question, she wanted to write books that would help give positive messages to young adults. Inspired by the events of today's world, The Vault Keepers series was born. The Journal was released in January 2011 and will be followed up shortly by the second book in the series entitled The Vault Keepers: Andol. Christine is currently working on the third book and is enjoying every minute of it as her characters continue to grow. To learn more about The Vault Keepers series, go to



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