Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy Book 1)
Sarah Rees Brennan
Amazon Exclusive Short Story: The Spring Before I Met You Holly Black is a best-selling author of contemporary fantasy, including The Spiderwick Chronicles. I had the privilege of reading this story many months ago and swooning over it almost as much as I swooned over Unspoken, the first book of Sarah Rees Brennan's gorgeously crafted modern gothic trilogy. Sarah's writing is incredible in that she is able to write these witty, lush scenes that have you smiling along until suddenly, in a single sentence, she reaches out to break your heart. This story introduces us to one of the main characters of Unspoken, Jared Lynburn. Seeing him as the broken, dangerous, closed-off teenager that he appears to be from the outside allows us to anticipate all of the insight we'll have into his character when we get inside his head--which we will, since he's the heroine's "imaginary friend." I enjoy the contrast of Jared's loneliness in the rough streets of Hunters Point/Bayview in San Francisco and the small, strange English town Jared is headed toward, and the girl he is about to meet. But most of all, in this story, I enjoy Jared himself, a character who is a study in contrasts--pushed to such extremes of despair and fury that he's truly capable of anything and yet capable of vast kindness, gentleness and humor. Download The Spring Before I Met You by Sarah Rees Brennan [PDF]

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Humor

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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When Kami Glass discovers a sacrificed fox in the woods of Sorry-in-the-Vale, she is determined to find an answer. She also meets someone who she thought didn't exist, her "imaginary friend," Jared. She thought the voice she heard in her head was just a voice but the new kid in town, who is also named Jared, proves otherwise. Soon enough, Jared is helping Kami investigate, but along the way Jail notices how disturbingly strange his family is. Just like everyone in Sorry-in-the-Vale,Kami suspects Jared and his family.

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