Under My Skin
Under My Skin (Skinned, Book 1)
Under My Skin
Val Cox, Judith Graves
***The SKINNED series continues with Second Skin (available now), and the third book, SKIN OF MY TEETH, launching December 2014. We hope you continue to follow Eryn as she fights her inner demons, caught between life as a shapeshifter and life as a human.___ All her parents wanted was for Eryn to live a normal life...  Redgrave had its share of monsters before Eryn moved to town. Mauled pets, missing children. The Delacroix family is taking the blame, but Eryn knows the truth. Something stalks the night. Wade, the police chief's son and Redgrave High's resident hottie, warns her the Delacroix are dangerous. But then so is Eryn--in fact, she's lethal. But she can't help falling for one of the Delacroix boys, dark, brooding--human Alec. And then her world falls apart. A normal life? Now that's the real fairytale.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Eryn McCain is far from normal. Being half wolven and now dealing with the disappearance of her parents, she is moved to the small town of Redgrave and is ordered to act as normal as possible, in exchange for the Hunter Council finding out what really happened to her parents. The hardest part is being around the dangerous Delacroix boys, who seem to know all about the monsters living in Redgrave, and whom are taking the blame for all the mysterious crime happening. Eryn soon befriends the Delacroix family along with a girl named Brit, and the chief of police's son, Wade.

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