Two for Tee
Two for Tee
Two for Tee
Tony Rosa
"Two for Tee" chronicles the boyhood friendship between Chad Ashworth, Jr. and Buzzy Odom. A backfiring prank binds the two boys together at an early age and they cope with the lasting effects in their own way. Chad becomes passionate about the only allowable sport, golf, and finds comfort on the course and in his imagination. Buzzy turns into the court jester hoping a dose of humor will make things better. The two boys attend a professional golf tournament, spend a week at golf camp, and play in a junior golf tournament, but their perspective experiences at each event are polar opposites. When the jokes start to wear thin, and only one of them remains committed to golf, will the friendship survive?

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The book, Two for Tee, by Tony Rosa chronicles the boyhood friendship between two neighbors named Buzzy and Chad. After a playful prank turns dangerous, Chad grows up with severe burns on both legs. He later learns to play the only sport he can with his injury &golf. You follow the boys from ages ten to fourteen. During this time, three main events take place in which Buzzy and Chad go to a golf camp and two junior golf tournaments. With the help of a professional golfer who acts as Chads mentor, Chad learns to overcome his injury.

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